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“Sarez-Travel” organizes very interesting trips to the most beautiful and incredible sites of the Pamirs, the Sarez Lake, Wakhan corridor, the Fedchenko Glacier and other places of the Pamir and Tajikistan as a whole. We have some tours in our website, but these are not the only tours we provide. Our travel agency can organise lots of tours according to your interests and budget.  

One of the most breathtaking and interesting tours in the Pamirs is travelling to the lake Sarez

Sarez is a relatively young lake in the entire Central Asia that formed during terrible earthquake in 1911. A massive landslide fully closed the valley of the river Bartang (Murghab).  A lake appeared behind the formed obstruction which quickly grew bigger during the first few years. This lake was named Sarez after the village which went down in the water during the increase in water level. Today the size of the lake makes up about 80 km – in length it is about 75 km, depth – exceeds 500m and its volume is - 16074 êm3. The lake is situated at the altitude of 3496m above sea level. Air temperature (in mid July) is 14-22°C. We can reach Sarez by three routes, each of which has particular degree of complexity. We can organize a tour via Bartang, lake Yashikul or via Karakul. 

Our company offers you six exciting tours to the lake Sarez and its vicinity, where you can see the beautiful Bartang valley, observe people’s life style, acquaint yourself with traditions and culture of the Pamiri people. You will enjoy the beauties of the high altitude lakes Zorkul Uchkul, Yashikul, Karakul and their flora and fauna. You can visit healing sources like “Garm-Chashma”, “Jelondi” and “Bulunkul” and others. With us you can visit the famous glacier Fedchenko, pass the snow-covered and glacial paths together experienced instructors and guides. You will familiarize yourself with nomadic life style of herdsman of the Eastern Pamirs and will visit cosy, picturesque Khorog town, enjoying the hospitality and cordiality of the inhabitants of this unique place.


  1. Trekking to Sarez Lake (*)
  2. Trekking from Yashilkul to Sarez (*)
  3. Trekking from Bardara to Sarez (*)
  4. Trekking from Bachor to Sarez (*)
  5. Trekking from Bardara to Yashilkul
  6. Trekking to Jizew and from Duzakhdara to Jawshangoz

Jeep tours

Combined tours

(*) Peoples wishing to visit or pass through Lake Sarez along the route must contact us for a month before the tour starts, in order to organize Sarez lake permission.

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