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How to get the Lake Sarez permit?

As you may know, the visit to Sarez Lake is open since July, 2015 for foreign visitors. It is worth to mention that the lake has been forbidden to visit for foreign citizens for the last 15 years.

Visiting the lake requires special permission - Sarez permit, which is to be obtained only [currently] via the travel agency “Sarez Travel”.  In order to obtain the permission to the least visited and the most wanted Lake Sarez, the following documents are required:

  1. Insurance card;
  2. Copy of passport;
  3. Tajik visa;
  4. GBAO permit;

The above documents should be sent to us not later than a week before the visit of the lake.

Price of the Sarez permit and some important points:

  • The Sarez permit costs 50 USD per day per person and in counted in the area of the Sarez Lake (from village Barchidif to Irkht valley). Normally it takes 2 days.
  • You are not allowed to travel without a guide in the territory;
  • The area is under control of the Committee of Emergency Situations, while the permit is organized via us. 
  • The tourists will be guided by the company local English/Russian/French/German  speaking guides;
  • Boat is available. You can rent a boat [50 USD per day] and sale to any other sides of the lake.

Travel agency “Sarez Travel” has designed special hot tours to the Lake Sarez which can be found here: http://sarez.travel/en/tours/trekkings/  

If you want to find a companion, and join a group to cut down the cost of the tour, please have a look at the “Scheduled tours” here : http://sarez.travel/en/tours/scheduled_tours/   and if you find a program that fits you, then send a request of  booking to us at info@sarez.travel .

The recent news about the Sarez permit, tours to the Lake Sarez and offers you can find in the company website or on the company Facebook group:



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